After seducing Asia, Europe and South America for the past six years with Cabaret Décadanse, the delectable Puppet Stars of Ré return in a completely new and dazzling show.

Cabaret U-Mano is a seductive and unexpected universe where the cast seamlessly merges with 29 flamboyant puppets to create larger than life cross-gender and cross-species characters.  The puppets, spectacularly arrayed in sparkle and feathers passionately perform 26 pop, jazz and blues classics.

Co-created and produced by Ré, a major player in the entertainment industry in Las Vegas, Cabaret U-Mano took Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa by storm. 

This sexy revue is much more than a variety show, it’s a world of its own, a completely wild stage universe offering indescribable and unequalled entertainment.

Discover the decadent and hilarious universe and succumb to the charm and sensuality of  Cabaret U-Mano !