Press kit

Toronto Star
"You’ve never seen puppets in your life like the ones at Cabaret U-mano."

The Globe and Mail
"A colourful and brash crowd pleaser!"

Ottawa Sun
"...a visual sexy feast for the eyes..."

Ottawa Citizen
"It’s cheeky, clever and expertly performed..."

Toronto Sun
"...decadent and delicious..."

24 Heures
"...a strange and decadent universe, an absurd and hilarious world full of spangles and feathers..."

"... innovative and intriguing..."

Le Droit
"Going beyond limits of puppet manipulation… a trip to a voluptuous, sensual, musical and cheerful country"

Le Devoir
"...outrageous and almost human creatures... "

La Presse
"…puppets rediscovered… good taste and amazing puppeteer performances that will blow your mind away"

X Press
"All the camp without the cringe... Cabaret U-Mano puppets deliver sexy-silly"

Christopher Hoile, Eye Weekly
"**** This is a rare show that tickles the brain as well as the senses"

Beverly Thomson, Canada AM
"I loved it! We were captivated the entire show".

Melanie Martin, Flow 93.5 Morning Host
"A hilarious journey into the art of seduction by puppet! Amazing!"

Alex Reynolds, CHCH TV
"Puppets are people too… and this cast of puppets and people play out song stories to excite the imagination."

Yann Buxeda, L’Express
"A helping hand to beat the blues"
"A perfect merge between the worlds of showbiz and that of dreams, between the movements of the puppet and the body of the puppeteer".

Jeniva Berger
"The puppets - along with their their human counterparts - are the hottest things on any stage at the moment."

Lynn Slotkin CBC Radio
"Be good to yourselves and see this show!"

"This sexy puppet show is innately inclusive... I can't think of one person I know who wouldn't love this incredible performance!"

Gloria Martin, 680 NEWS
"Cabaret U-mano makes for a great night on the town! The joy and energy
of performers and puppets is infectious, the music divine and the spectacle so innovative and cheeky you'll want to see it more than once."